ESL for Corporate-use, Companies & Managers

Communication is the key to maintaining a successfully company. If you’re unable to communicate with your employees in Turkey, or your staff’s current level of English just doesn’t meet your requirements, don’t be alarmed! We’ve got you!

At Biz English we not only get people speaking, with your private-lesson based English teaching-model we focus on practical English (having students speak sentences, rather than memorize translations of words).

In Turkey unfortunately, the ESL model just does not suffice – it’s based on teaching people the translations, memorizing words and not putting them together. This leads to students being able to understand most-given sentences but has them struggling to put two-words together.

Using the Direct Method here at Biz English our teachers are assigned to one-on-one classes with your employees (or yourselves), we do also teach class-based lessons (classes of up to 3 only), if there are more than 3 people that need lessons we often separate them into groups of 3.

Our teachers are equipped and trained to assist students with typing-emails, analyzing documents, writing high-quality reports and helping students sound more-natural when communicating in English.

Below you’ll find a list of companies we currently work-with.