So... Why Biz English?

An English language school that provides one-on-one lessons, teachers that are solely native English speakers. Not to mention our flexible weekly-lesson plans! Since we provide lesson-plans based on the amount of hours purchased, you’re not stuck at some level that you have to pass, only to find out you have your next payment due! We help you save money and time!

(ESL) English Private Lessons

An hours worth of private lessons is equivelant to 5-6 hours of a class-based lesson. The one-on-one lesson education-model allows the teacher understand the students actual needs. The teacher is then able to adjust the lessons accordingly, if the student is already quite good in a certain subject it’ll be skipped, this way we’re not stuck studying A1 until they pass some exam to get them on to A2; it’s the teacher who decides the level!

The time you save in private lessons, makes it better value for money.

What is the Direct Method?

A method which focuses more on repetition and practice, rather than translations. It follows a “point-and-repeat” education-model, and progresses with Q&A.

With this method we’re able to help the student memorize words by using them in sentences and answers rather than having them memorize each one and its translation. With the Direct Method students are taught to listen, understand and answer accordingly, progressing them to ‘quick-thinking’ level of English. The Direct Method allows students to learn and pro-actively speak English in a short period of time.

Corporate ESL

Every student has different needs and goals. Some students struggle when typing-up a simple email at work, others sit there in a meeting wondering what everyone's discussing, then you have those few who just need to improve the speed of their English. With Biz English using the Direct Method we provide a fast and efficient learning programme.

Lessons of up to 3

By coming in groups of 2 or 3, you can both take advantage of our great hourly package pricing! as well as maintain the 'private lesson' effectiveness and 'vibe'. Get ready to indulge in one of the most effective, economic and time-saving English teaching practices with Biz English!

Your English Helping-Hand

Do you need help with daily tasks around the workplace like... typing-up emails, or preparing reports or better yet presentations in English? Here at Biz English we don't just teach you, we help you with your work! Ask our teachers to help you analyze something from work and we'll get on it straight-away!

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